Portfolio Site

Initial Step

The first thing that I had to do in this project was to create the HTML structure based on a PDF file that was given to me. Once the HTML was in place, I wrote CSS using flexbox to place all of the elements according to the PDF file.

Screenshot of portfolio in narrow viewport

Next Step

Screenshot of portfolio in medium viewport

Once the layout was looking very close to the PDF, I added responsive features such as the srcset attribute to select the appropriate file size for the user’s browser. I also used SVG icons so icons with scale nicely to any viewport size.

Wrap Up

Screenshot of portfolio in wide viewport

Finally I used grunt to automate the resizing of all images to the sizes that I specified with srcset.

Get a hold of me!

Email is the best way to get a hold of me, but feel free to call if it is a reasonable hour in GMT -5.

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