Dapper Goose Website

Initial Step

The primary goal for this site was to keep it simple. A new restaurant for which the owners moved to a new city implied that the site would change very quickly. New opportunities and unexpected market trends all but guaranteed that the site would have to change quickly so I focused only on the information that would be of the utmost importance.

Image of the Dapper Goose website

Next Step

Image of the Dapper Goose website

I decided that the menu was of primary importance so I hard-coded the menu information into the HTML and used Javascript to only show the relevant menu. This provided for a very quick display when the user changed the menu. The next most important information was of course location and contact info, but since it was a new restaurant, I highlighted the Owner and Chef first. Because this information was less important but higher on the page, I hid the details about the owners until the user expresses interest by clicking to see them.

Wrap Up

Image of the Dapper Goose website

Unfortunately, in a rush to secure their domain name, the owner hastily signed up with Squarespace. Despite receiving good feedback on the initial development, I was unable to continue gratis development due to the maintenance requirements due to Squarespace platform updates.

Get a hold of me!

Email is the best way to get a hold of me, but feel free to call if it is a reasonable hour in GMT -5.

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