Frogger Clone

Initial Step

Given an engine as well as assets, I was expected to make a working clone of the game 'Frogger'. While wrapping my head around the engine loop at first was discouraging, I enventually understood what was happening and the significance of RequestAnimationLoop.

Game's start screen

Next Step

Game being played

Once I understood what was happening in the game engine, I focused on the logic of game elements. Using Object Oriented Programming, there were classes (enemies, gems, and the player) which could inherit a single placement method. I then added methods that were unique to each of the classes. For example, the player needs a method to add a life and to add to the score.

Wrap Up

Game's end screen

After getting the classes written, I decided to add the Start and End screens. I used HTML canvas to generate the screens and localstorage to keep track of an individual's scores. If I were to continue developing this game in the future, I would want to write functions that called a database, either in the cloud or on a server.

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