Initial Step

After expressing my interest in working on this paper/project, I spent some time playing around with the program for which I was to build an interface. As I explored the program it became clear to me that more than front-end code was going to be required of me.

GOATOOLS readme screenshot

Next Step

Screenshot of the web interface main page

I first researched basic python web interfaces and wrote a very simple CGI script to be sure that I could complete this project. After getting the CGI script working, it was obvious to me that this was going to be a cumbersome solution if the project required much more than had been accomplished. After settling on a framework, I spent a day going through the Django tutorial. Finally I was able to refactor the code to operate in Django.

Wrap Up

Screenshot of the results after calling the server

Having accomplished the necessary backend code, I was able to focus on the Front-end work for which I have studied. With a deadline of 1-2 weeks before the contributing authors would be expecting to see the interface, I called on Bootstrap to get a basic usable site going. The next step is to get this onto a viable webhost rather than the virtual machine that I have been running.

Get a hold of me!

Email is the best way to get a hold of me, but feel free to call if it is a reasonable hour in GMT -5.

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