Neighborhood Map

Initial Step

The first thing that I had to do was get Google Maps working in my site. Reading through the documentation, I was able to write the functions required to place markers, create the info window, etc. I then wrote the necessary functions to query the Wikipedia and Foursquare API’s for information related to a given location.

Initial screen of the application

Next Step

Info window open after location click

With the calls for data taken care of, it was time to start binding the data to the view. Knockout.js uses a viewModel to do this. I started to write the Constructors for places, wikis, details, etc. With the constructors written I could include data in the HTML layout.

Wrap Up

Review modal image

After getting the data to show up in the view, I was able to add additional functionality such as autocomplete, bouncing the selected marker, review modal and other minor visual touches. This project showed how frameworks can speed development if you know them well.

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